Knox Chinese Healing and Myotherapy


We offer a range of treatments and services such as

Acupuncture (Single use needles only)
Chinese Herbal Medicine (Pure herbal extracts)
Myotherapy (Muscle treatment)
Tuina (Oriental therapeutic massage)
Dietary Therapy

There is a network system of bio-energy 'Qi' pathways called "meridians" in the body. Acupuncture focused on stimulating acupuncture points on the surface of the body using very fine needles.

Only single-use and sterilized needles with guide tube are used in the clinic. The guide tube can minimize the pain when the needles are penetrating the skin; it is also called "pain-free" needling.



Chinese Herbalist

Chinese Medicine Clinic

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Herbal and/or mineral products are combined into a 'formula', taken as tea or pills. Thousands of years of practical application and experience have gone into classifying the therapeutic use of herbs and their properties, modern research indicates many herbs have positive biological effects on the body.

Concentrated herbal granules and herbal patent pills are available in Knox Chinese Healing & Myotherapy clinic for your convenience. Concentrated herbal granules save the time of cooking and there will be no herbal smell in your kitchen any more.



Newly discovered soft-tissue techniques used in the physical diagnosis, treatment and management of muscular disorders, which affects the integrity of human movement.

The skeletal muscles are the largest single organ of the human body and are very vulnerable to injury. They should be regularly checked and taken cared by a myotherapist (therapeutic massage expert). Modalities of deep soft tissue manipulation, passive stretch, corrective exercise, dry needling, electrical stimulation, taping, cupping and patients' education are employed in Myotherapy treatment.



Instead of needling, tactile manipulation of the meridians of the body is employed. Tuina therapy is one of the oldest traditional therapies in medical history. It is an ideal modality to manage pain, tension and muscle stiffness.




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